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M.O.T Only £45

All cars that are 3 years old or older require a MOT by law. An MOT is a standardised annual test that ensures your vehicle meets all the legal requirements for safe road use and the interests of environmental standards. It is the car owners responsibility to ensure that their car passes a MOT each year and receives a certificate for this.

Your MOT can take place up to one month before the annual renewal date. If you do not have an MOT certificate, you are breaking the law.

Wednesfield Motor Company conduct a professional MOT service. Our MOT service will check all aspects of your car, including:

We pass hundreds of MOTs each year whilst also advising each of our customers on how to get the most value out of their cars. All of our work is fully guaranteed and MOTs can be arranged for delivery if required.

To book your MOT please call us today on 01902 731318.

OUr Services

Our technicians are highly trained, skilled and experienced in all aspects of motor mechanics. They are able to thoroughly investigate, diagnose and fix most issues you may be experiencing with your vehicle.